Thursday, April 26, 2012


I was out of town for little bit this morning and having some study session, and I came back home around 3pm then start starting some materials what I need to know. However that wouldn't take too long to finish all time for myself. Well, I need to study more and more this weekend. So I am sure that I will be understand that materials for sure. Oh yeah, I will have another week of Spring semester after this weekend then I will have summer vacation little bit like 1 week or so then start another session of study for myself like summer sessions. It is a good time to study before I go back to Japan. I will be busy but still I will try to make myself to up here every time something small things.

Here is today's one picture!
dinner! same as lunch
I made dinner like that above, I made like that before too!!!! ahaha I was looking at several pictures before I took and I decided to make similar or exactly same one. So I can eat good meal. Well, I like to eat that kind of dinner anyway.

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