Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally Back to Blog Aaaaaggggaaaiin!!!!!!

Finally, now I am able to come back to write some blog again for my pages.... I have had a very busy weeks since April started, but my classes are ending for new materials. So that means I don't have any more a lot of new assignments, but still I have to do some work over next few weeks. I just wanted to write down some update for today since I haven't writing much for last two to three weeks! ahaha.

Oh actually, I went out to eat some lunch and dinner today, and I had a great time with my friends and so on. I haven't done like this for long time, so I decided to do this today. Also, today was a great day for me to spend time with my friends. I was so lucky to have all of them.... Just wish I don't have to go to class for this afternoon so I could have a great time and relax time more.... ahaha. Well, I had a great day and time anyway!

here is my lunch and dinner!
this was my lunch
side dinner

my dinner all of them
I had a great dinner with my friends, and I wish I could spend time little bit more than just like few hours. But we all have to do other things too, so I need to finished up.... ahaha Well hope next time, we will have a great time again!

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