Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Will Be My 500 Blog Post!

Today, I found that what I am writing for this blog is 500 post for myself. I haven't notice if I didn't look at how many post was has been on this blog on the main page.  I was not sure what to think and write when I started looking this one, but now I know what to write about. The 500 post for this blog is much important for me than anyone, anything, and/or any events for me. I didn't think that 500 posts are coming to me this sooner. I have been writing writing blog for a year and more. I was little bit busy beginning of this April, but I was doing more and more to write on after I can start writing again. I wasn't do much things, but I like to write and post something what I did a day at least one thing. So this is an important day for me now.

I have several big celebration and anniversary for myself, but still this will be one of my a good celebration day since this year! It will be a great time for me to have like this.



James River Bridge

side mirror

nice sky

country side driving 

no hill just straight road 
I went to outside for relaxing today and having a good time.....

Just driving around but make me better and relaxing!

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