Thursday, April 19, 2012


Actually, today was the last day of university classes for Spring 2012, and I missed one class which professor was not really able to do lecture on that one. So officially, my Spring semester lectures are over. However, I still have two final exams and so on. I just didn't think that what I haven't been doing is studying for finals. BUT I have two weeks to study for two of them so I decided to study everyone little by little so I can cover all over! I just finished my last one group project and one of my assignment. Oh yeah, I didn't make breakfast or lunch today, but I made a good dinner for myself. That was not too much, but I like to eat some of them. I use Fire King Turquoise Blue dishes for eating plates. Also, I use $1 dish with them, and that $1 was Federal snack tray. Well, I just post my pictures so you can see what I ate for dinner.

here is my dinner picture
dinner table~!


good meal

This was my dinner.... ahaha. Udon with pork, korokke, takoyaki, and salad.

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