Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's a good day and my anniversary day!

April 18th is the a day of my anniversary staying in the USA, and I am really happy that every year this day comes. This year, I thought I just celebrate as usual and just thinking about it myself only, but my roommate was remember it. That was a nice thing he told me. That small thing makes me happy. Also, it is an important day for me, so it is a nice day after all. Then I came back home around 1pm today from school and made a lunch which is not much different from everyday I am making... lol

Here is my lunch!
this is my lunch
curry udon, salad, and miso soup
 That was a good lunch for today.

Here is my dinner tonight. I just didn't wanted to make another one since I have curry and miso soup I made already. So I decided to eat curry all  and make it like better! ahaha I really like to eat like that. I love using Fire King Azurite Swirl dished as I have now. Also, I like to stacking mug from Japan. I hope this dinner like, I would make sometime again.

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