Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got new Fire King

I got new Fire King from my friends, and that was my 10th years anniversary living in America!
This is Fire King Cherry Blossom 

Fire King Snoopy

Fire King Candle Custard Cup

Fire King Kimberly Bowl and Cups
Those are pictures of that Fire King.

I really like them and Thank you so much my friends!

I found a picture where I helped my tutoring kids who is my newest student in Greenville, NC now.
This was presentation about Japan when my friends
presented at Winter Green Primary School
I am so happy to see this picture! Because actually shows my student and I were trying to teach something to his class during presentation about Japan.

I am hopping to do this more and more soon!

Here is my dear friend's blog! if you have time please visit there too!


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