Sunday, April 3, 2011

April started...

It's already April, and I am really really surprised about time goes fast every year.

I wish I were something I can do important for my life soon! (何か自分の人生において重要な事をやり遂げられないかと思う日々があります。)

Well, now I am studying in some stuff at Graduate School, and I am tutoring everyday, but still something I am missing....(今は大学院で勉強をしていて、家庭教師もしています。しかし、何かが足りないような気がするのです。)

I shouldn't think about that, because if I think that, I am going to spend a lot more time than what I need to do.... lol

By the way, I was away from Greenville yesterday, and went to several different places...

I took some pictures, and hope you can see them to know what is around NC. But I don't have picture with this computer right now... so I will put that sometime later tomorrow or on Sunday...

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