Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20th, 2011

Today, I found my friend comment and message about ECU. That is a great thing to read from who were at ECU and left from here. Also, that helps people to understand what kind of things, and what would be a great things at ECU. However, that message was not only good things, but need to have all over things. Good things are good for people to know, but they need to know all things.

here is my friend's website you can take a look at

I like that ECU is good place to study. In fact that we have a lot of things are going on, and people should know all that. Well, if people knows all of stuff maybe not really be ok. But just looking at good things are not helping all the time. sometime you know and understand of bad things that helps for preparing to coming here too. I learned a lot of things during staying here in Greenville, NC, and I am thinking that it is not much different from Japan. When you are getting used to living here, that would make you to think same as where you lived.

I am sure only few months to one year would not hurt to come here and spend time, but if you live more than 3 or 4 years, you will know the differences between Japan and USA, but also you know similar things too!

I really think that is a good thing to living another country for long time and know people around where you live. Also that helps your life to expand your thought anyway.

Well, I just want to post about ECU below with pictures!
football stadium at ECU

ECU students and people

this is art building at ECU

I thought I have some more pictures but I don't think I have here on this computer, and maybe I will post more on later today or tomorrow.

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