Monday, April 4, 2011


Today was really warm day tomorrow, and I think it was really good day. Just little bit even hotter than I was expected. (今日はとてもあたたかな日になりました。そして、思っていた以上に暖かくなりましたがすごくいい人なりました。)

Also, it's not much going on today for me, I was enjoyed my day at home until I had meeting and tutoring... (今日はいろいろな事が夕方くらいからある日だったのでゆっくり過ごす事ができました。)

I watched Drama and reading some book for since I up this morning. It was really enjoyable day and I really like that kind of days! it's so nice and I really really like that way. (そしてドラマを見たり、本を読んだりといろいろな事ができた日でもあります。とても楽しい一日になりました。そしてこういう日が一番いいグリーンビルでも一時になっています。)

Today's one picture.

This picture is in front of my house picture, and it is nice day. I really like this picture when I took one. I hope after tomorrow will be like this.

Have a great day and night!

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