Thursday, April 21, 2011

Final week start soon!

Today was the last day of the classes at ECU for Tuesdays and Thursdays classes. I only have Tuesdays and Thursdays classes for this semester in 2011.

I can not believe that my all classes are finished for lectures, and now left is finals. I can not believe that finals are next week. After that we are all done and start summer vacation. Well, my summer vacation is after June 20th. Because I have summer job and will take some class. I am so happy to have some kind of class and job.

I just really wish to have some kind of stuff doing anyway. I am going to take some vacation after all.
Now, I am just worried about how's final exams turned out. Well, I just study for finals until I take them so I will get some good grades :-)

I just need to have good weekend before final start and need to have some kind of prepare things.

Oh wow, shouldn't forget about my projects and so on!

Well I hope everything is going well

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