Friday, April 22, 2011

The Final Week is coming!

The Final Week will start next week. My classes are already finished, and now I need to prepare for Finals. That will be really different from what I am doing usual. Also, that is really busy week start too. This final will make my grades covered 40 to 50% and I really not ready for final yet.

Well just need to study for my all classes, and prepare for what I can do right now. Also, I need to start organizing my DropBox for my Graduate Assistant job. It's a lot things going but I like my GRA job!

That is my good time and really have a great opportunity to work with my wonderful professor. She is really nice and wonderful person ever I work with. She is Reading Education professor, and her research interests is similar to my thought when I wanted to get this GRA job. I am really happy to have this job anyway. Now, I need to finish working on my part of Graduate Research Assistant and finish for this semester work.

I will miss until I can work there again.

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