Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting better...

I was sick yesterday, and it was really bad. Because I had fever around 102.8F (39.3C) degrees. I couldn't move much other than I took my roommate to school and pick him up. only that time my fever was gone because of medicine. (昨日は病気で寝込んでいました。しかも、かなり悪い状態でした。熱が102.8F(39.3C)度になる程のものでした。動く事ができず何もできなかったのは久しぶりでした。ただ状態がいい時にルームメイトを学校に送っていったくらいです。薬は助かりますね。)

Today, I didn't have anything to do today either since my sickness is still with me and I don't think I will do that anything until I get back well enough.

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