Sunday, April 3, 2011

FIRE KING is really nice!!!!

Now, I am officially collecting FIRE KING, and will continue it. I am sure that is really cool to have some like old stuff, and that collection is really nice and fit on you. Most of people think that is not really good stuff, but it's just collection for who wants to collect them. I am one of that kind of person.

Here is some collection today I got from some yard sale!
this is Fire King Ivory Casserole Cake Pan Oven 

You can see this item has Rear Stamp.
I bought other stuff too. I put picture below what I found, and what I like about that Mugs of Fire King.

Fire King Color Variation Mugs Collection

I was using some measuring cups this year and it is related to the company after Fire King is gone. But Still they are making some of them now. The company name is "anchor". I am glad to have all that Measuring Cups. (今年になってから使っている計量カップはファイヤーキングという昔の会社から今のアンカーに変わってからも生産されてるものだという事です。今になってやっぱりもっていてよかったと思えるものでした)

this is anchor's measuring cups

Just make some posted!

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