Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Fire King Pictures

Here is what I got last few weeks of New Fire-King Collection. ahaha

May 26th, 2011(5月26日)

Fire King Turquoise Blue Three-part Oblong

Anchor Hocking (Fire King) "Teal Trim"
I bought these two at Grifton, NC which is in Antique Store. It calls "Some Like It Old Antique Mall". I really like that place and I usually find there less expensive. But not too much to spend.

May 27th ~ May 31st, 2011(5月27日〜5月29日)

Fire King Alice Plate

Fire King Alice Cup, Saucer, and Plate
These are Fire King Alice Series. I like this one. It calls Fire King Alice Vitrock / Blue Trim. I only have one set of this item. I wish I could get more than one set, but it is hard to find one like this.

June 1st, 2011 (6月1日)

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Cup and Saucer 

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Fruit or Dessert Bowl

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Vegetable Bowl

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Salad Plate

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Dinner Plate

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Oval Platter

Fire King Swirl Sunrise All Set
Here is what I got for a lot of thing which is almost all set of one kind of Fire King Set. I bought this one as set, and shipped from somewhere in the USA. I was little bit disappointed that two of them were broken. But other than that was ok. I am sure that still this is awesome!

set up as dinning table
Looks like this would be a great dinner table, and I am sure food would looks good! aha

June 4th, 2011 (2011年6月4日)
Fire King Bubble Blue Salad Dish 

Fire King Bubble Blue Sets

Fire King (anchor hocking) Disney Glass Mug

Anchor Hocking McDonald with Garfield

Anchor Hocking McDonald with Garfield

Fire King Candleglow Bowl with Handle

Fire King Candleglow Casserole 

Fire King Candleglow Casserole Cake Dish

Fire King Fire King 350
Here is what I got from an Antique Shop! I love to see all of these, but usually I won't get it like this. However, I found these with my friends and they help me a lot. I am so happy to hear that. I am happy to find that Disney glass mug. I like that glassware of Disney.

June 10th, 2011 (2011年6月10日)
Fire King Turquoise Blue Salad Bowl

Fire King Azurite Charm Creamer and Sugar Cups

Fire King Azurite Charm Creamer and Sugar Cups 2

Fire King Swirl Azurite Cup & Saucer
Last one of this day's picture was which I was missing long time, and finally I got from an internet website. I was looking for everywhere but I couldn't find one. So I finally decided to look internet again, then I found one. That was a great deal and I got discount! yay!

June 14th 2011...

Please look at my June 15th, 2011 blog Later day one!

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