Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11th, 2011

Today, I went to two see two movies with my friend. I think it was ok to see both movie! I just wish that I could go to see some better moves. lol Well, this and next weekend will be going to see last movies in this summer in AMERICA. I will be back to Japan in 9 days.... So, I won't see any more movies coming up here in Greenville, NC. I like to see movies in the weekend, and that is a lot more things to do... However, I like to go see movies are fun to me! ahahaha

I just like to have some fun time with my friends, but usually I don't have much time for weekend other than summer time. However, summer time is empty in Greenville, NC because my friends go back to their home and not many people staying in here... lol

ECU has summer classes, but still not really have many people as usually academic year. But I like to be here in summer because it is a nice place to stay in....

Well hopefully next year and sometime, I will be here and stay!

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