Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now, fun nights and days!

It's been great time staying in America and hope I will be have a great times for being in the USA.

I haven't been thinking about that long time, but now recognized that I am having a great things.

Here I got some stuff. I was so happy to see that. That is Fire King Mug Cup.
Fire King McDonald's Mug from Canada
but it is made in USA
I finally get this Mug and hopefully I will use this mug! I kind of this is my favorite one, but I have my favorite mug in here, but it's different from this.

Oh yeah other ones I got ones are here

Fire King Snoopy Mugs
5 sets of mugs. (still not all)
All of these mugs are what I got so far...  Well I will not get any more until sometime later this year.... lol

Fire King Swirl All Cups and Saucers
I don't have Jadiete one
 This is my favorite Cups and Saucers! I am so Happy to HAVE like this but I don't have Jadiete one. I don't think I will be able to find one that soon anyway.... So Maybe someday, I will find and put on there next to all!

Fire King Ivory Casserole 

Fire King Davy Crockett Bowls Brown (not good shape)

Fire King Davy Crockett Bowls Brown

Fire King Ivory Chili Bowl

Fire King 50th Anniversary 16oz Measuring Cup

Fire King Ivory 6" comport
Finally, I got one comport for Fire King Series, but Only this would be mine. Because I don't have much things to put and maybe I can not think that what I want to put there. Well maybe snack or something... but I don't much to eat snack... lol :P

Well hopefully one day, I will have my own collection of display ahaha.

I will miss all of these when I am in Japan....


  1. Wow!!!


    カナダ版 マクドナルド、スヌーピーシリーズ、デイビークロケット 他 レアものも。見ていたら、急にアメリカへ行きたくなってきました・笑

    一時帰国の準備やら忙しい頃だと思いますが 頑張ってくださいね。

  2. 一時帰国の準備は結構終盤にはいっているので、大丈夫です。