Friday, June 3, 2011

My tutoring student came to my house today.

Today, my student (who is Friday tutoring student) came to my house. I promised that he and his brother can come to my apartment on Friday after all of things done. So they were happy to come here. It was so much fun to have them here in my place.

I made dinner for me and them. I am hopping that they were enjoy that. I know one thing, they told me that, "it was delicious!" So I was happy to hear from them. I am so glad to I made some dinner.  I like to make dinner whoever eat with me and tell me that. Next time, I hope their mother could come with them. So they will have little bit more time to have fun.

Oh you can see that I made omelet with a filling of ketchup-seasoned fried rice (omelette), hamburger, and salad. It was not much to make, and takes only 40 minutes to made it.

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