Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I just found out this blog will be my 111 blog post on this page! That is really nice to have like this. I haven't think that few month to be coming that number reached. MY set of goal is 111 post on my blog until end of June. But now I know that I have 111 post on my blog!

My next goal is 1000 post on this blog and that would be a great thing to do! Also, that would take more than two or three years, but if I going to write down everyday still it will be more than three years to complete this goal. But it is a nice goal to have this blog continued! I am kind of excited to know what's I will have this blog next few months and so on.

I am glad to start my blog and writing it everyday now!
Hopefully, I will continue this for next few years!... lol maybe one day, I will be famous? :P well no way for that.

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