Friday, June 10, 2011


Today, I finally get one, two things of Fire King. I wanted to buy it long time, but I couldn't do that until today. Because I haven't found anywhere since I start looking them, but now I found and after that I bought it. Also, I got 25% discount from the Antique shop people. That was really nice of them. I wasn't expected that kind of discount. So I told them "THANK YOU! :) ". 25% is a lot discount than you think anyway.

Here is what I got today.
Fire King Turquoise Blue Salad Bowl

Fire King Swirl Azurite Cup and Saucer

Fire King Azurite Charm Creamer and Sugar Cups

Fire King Azurite Charm
different angle
I bought these from an antique ship, and it was really great deal. Also, I didn't  pay much more than I should be expected. I am so glad to buy these items. Now, I am going to use these to drink tea, coffee, and so on. :)

 I am so happy right now! and looking at them.

Oh it's my thing, but I just want to post two more pictures. That is what I made some dinner and use fire king dishes... looks so nice... taste is just ok for myself... lol. no no no it was really good!

Fire King Swirl Azurite dishes use for Dinner
Fire King Swirl Sunrise using for dinner!
I couldn't eat all so I ate this one next day too... lunch and dinner!
I hope people enjoy looking at my blog!


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