Monday, July 22, 2013

Early Dinner on Monday!

Today, I had an early dinner and it was not that much to eat, so I made sara-udon. Which is fired base noodle and some vegetable with beef taste served with soup on top of it. I haven't make this long time, so looks like similar to sara-udon. However, taste was not that bad and I like to use my Fire King Dish with that one. Well, I made two people can eat for one big platter plate then I ate half of it. I use cabbage, Carlotta, sprout, and beef with potato starch and water with some seasoning. For fired udon is I bought it. So it is easy to make it. Usually it takes less than half hour, but this time, I didn't even think what I am going to use... So it was take little bit longer than usual. Well, I ate my dinner around 5pm. Looks like I am eating at lunch from picture, but here is 5pm is really bright and sunset does not come until 8:30pm. So that's why it is bright.

here is picture.

Fire King Azurite Swirl dish

for mine

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