Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My friend's birthday

Today was one of my friend birthday, and I made lunch and dinner for him, and it was not much thing. However, my friend was happy that I made lunch and dinner for his birthday. ahaha Well, I can not do anything other than that anyway. lol. I know I should do different thing, but I can not do anything other than that. I cook Tonkatsu and curry for lunch and dinner. Tonkatsu for Lunch and dinner for curry, but I made it when I was cooking lunch. So I don't have to make twice... :-) Oh... that makes me lazy.... lol Well, that is ok for making once for two meals, because that way I can save energy and other things. Well, I think I just being happy for myself today and trying make my friend happy. So I don't have anything bad happen. I think.

Here is the pictures

curry and tonkatsu
Fire King Azurite dishes


Curry Rice
Fire King Shell 22K Gold

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