Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Had A Great Dinner Last Night

I cooked dinner last night, and I am trying to find a good picture to take before I eat dinner. I wasn't sure what I can do. I tried to make better looks picture. Well, I haven't post much what I make and eat and/or using Fire King dishes those days. So I thought that why not to post today.  I ate menu was salad, Salmon Sushi rice, coffee, miso soup, and fired vegetable with beef. I made a lot of food but it was not much after I start eating... but after I ate, I was really really full. So I thought that I should eat less start tomorrow. Oh well, I think I will eat today sometime for dessert for Hummingbird Cake sometime. For dinner, I used Fire King Azurite Swirl dishes. It looked really nice and better taste. I usually use Fire King for my meal dishes, but I am hopping to cook better sometime later. ahaha.

Here is the picture
THis is dinner table

Miso Soup

Fired Vegetable with Beef

Salmon Sushi Rice

Salad with tuna 

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