Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I am doing for fun at my home!

It's really not for myself, but I usually do my fun stuff at my home. That is Pachinko. I have three different pachinko machines right now, but I usually use one of them. It's not really I play a lot of times, but I play sometime. I like that Evangerion Pattern Pachinko Machine.

This is Evangerion Last Angle Pachinko Machine
I think I might bring back this machine to Greenville, NC... but I am not sure yet... because I don't know how much this cost to send from here... lol But I think my mother want me to bring back to US for this one and other... if I like to. so I am thinking about it. ahaha

here is others

These are Pachinko Machine
One is Winter Sonata
another one is Super Sea Story in Okinawa (old)
I am sure I will have some fun with these machines... lol It makes my home town is nothing really around... (/_\)...

well hope have a great July 4th USA!

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