Sunday, July 10, 2011

I found some good food

Today, I went to shopping around 6pm at some places then I found some great deal for Beef to buy. Also, it was good enough for me to buy it and use for my food.
I didn't think it was how much original.... so I was really really surprised.

Here is that picture...

This is what I bought for beef...
you can see that price original cost is around $20 both but I actually paid $5 for total....

Isn't that great deal????

Then I made some dinner after that, and I took one picture.

here is the picture

This is dinner
after dinner I took bath, then I ate desert after bath..

I used Fire King dishes and cups.

here is that
Two of them 

This is for myself.
It was really good desert and I like that.

Well I made myself happy today!

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