Tuesday, May 6, 2008

YAY!!!! I got chance to see Sen. Hillary Clinton

Just went to "Hillary Clinton Attends a GOTV Event in Winterville." Now, I am glad to go there, beause I had chance to shake hand with her! That was coolest things ever had in my life in the US!

She was speaching in May 5th, 2008
This year is 8th year of staying in US and 3rd year of Staying in Greenville. I didn't think I would have this much opportunity to meet an important person for right now. This is really nice to see her in near Greenville, and have great things to shake hand came from Japan! lolI am glad to be I am staying in here and staudy in Anthropology right now. Also, when I shook her hand that time, I thought "OH MY GOODNESS Senator Hillary Clinton’s hand is so soft and warm!!!! How nice to have chance shaking hands with her right now this moment!!!!! " I am so happy and I could not have calm down yet!... so I am writing right now!

I am not only person lucky to have shaking hand with her anyway, but for ECU international (for Japanese)... maybe only me had chance that!I just wanna tell I am happy and hope she will be able to go on!Now I am really love her and I am glad to be her side now. I thought She had really weak point of her campaigning, but she doing a lot of improved! That is great things to change herself to get into on the way! Senator Hillary Clintion needs to get going on for President!!!!... Oh yeah, hope she are going to help university student a lot more so people can go to University too!...Anyway... I should quitting to say about it... It is too much to talk about just one thing! Hope I will get tomorrow result good...

Great picture!? Love her!

some video of Sen. Hillary Clinton shaking hands to North Carolinians.

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