Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Found my old picture on Website!

I found one website where news reporter talk about me once when I was in Illinois.

I attended at Western Illinois University that time we had Fun Fest Festival for international event!

That was year 2003!

This year's International Fun Fest (2003) showcased a variety of talents from different parts of the world. From Middle Eastern dancers to a caricature artist‚ Western Illinois University students and Macomb residents enjoyed various entertaining acts.The International Education Office and the School of Extended and Continuing Education presented the fest‚ held Thursday at the Daily Grind from 6 to 8 p.m. "Al Banat Casablanca‚" which translates into "The Women of Casablanca‚" started the fest by performing Tribal Improvisational Style and Ancient Egyptian Style dances - both belly dances. The group‚ led by Anne Lobdell‚ is a community dance troupe with a repertoire of dances including American Tribal Style‚ Middle Eastern Folk Dance and Indian Folk Dance.A Japanese singing duo‚ Takashi Sato‚ followed the belly dancers. The duo sang while playing acoustic guitars. The pair performed a combination of Japanese and American classics including "You Really Got a Hold on Me‚" originally performed by John Lennon and George Harrison. Representing Chinese performances‚ Jing Yu‚ instructional technology and telecommunications graduate student‚ sang "Your Gaze." "I'm not a professional‚" Yu said about his career as a singer. "This is just for fun."A variety of other acts representing other parts of the world performed throughout the night. Miguel Lema‚ foreign languages and literatures assistant professor‚ and his performance group showcased Latin American music.As a supplement to the evening‚ a variety of international foods were served and a "Kids' Corner" was set up."Kids' Corner" featured origami paper folding‚ face painting and caricatures by Leo Kelly‚ who has been drawing caricatures for the last 10 years‚ hoping to make it his profession one day. Before the final performance‚ the children attending broke a piñata. The adults held the piñata on stage‚ while the children took turns trying to break it. When it finally broke‚ the children rushed on stage to pick up the candy.As the finale‚ "Al Banat Casablanca" performed a second dance. According to International Fun Fest Coordinator Erica Buechel‚ this was the second annual fest‚ and more will held in the future.

Media Credit: Alfiya Mufteyeva
Eiichi Murakami, freshman pre-medical major, right, teaches Tierra Lindley, 3 1/2, the art of traditional origami.

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