Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I can support Sen. Clinton.

I found out one reporter's comment from google.com.

"Eiichi Murakami, 26, likes Clinton so much he dragged his Obama-supporting friend Bruce Barmer to this morning's event. "She's supporting everybody, working (people) and everything," Murakami said. He and Barmer have long arguments about the candidates -- with Barmer talking up Obama's honesty and Murakami arguing that Clinton has the organization to get things done in the White House. " (By B. Barrett, Washington Co)

That was just before 15 minutes event started, and I wasn't sure that reporter was going to write about my comment what I said it. Because it was not much good information for what I said to her and it was really nice of her.

I am happy to see that and have a great opportunity to know about it.
I am really glad to go that event and had chance to talk about what I felt about Sen. Hillary Clinton. It was just my opnion but it is nice to said to someone like that.
I hope it could be good time to I know that.
Oh I can not wait to see that result comes out tonight...

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