Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well, I totall forgot to update my Bolg LONG TIME!

I haven't update my Blog more than 1 year.... I didn't know I haven't written anything until yesterday what I wanted to posted about Senator Hillary Clinton. It wasn't help her much in North Carolina to gain some delegates, but it was not much surprised about it. However, people need to think about once again who could be get good president for next 4 to 8 years in the United States.

I am sure people will know nominee in June from Democrat party. If Obama is nominated, he will be great person to running for President, however, I am still thinking about Sen. Hillary Clinton is better. Her solution to problems for Americans. I am for sure right now, American people are having hard time and getting much difficult life.

But once we get a democratic President elected, that time it could be change to get better as next 4 years until 2012. Hopefully, that will be happen. Also, Either Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama needs to win this year in Norvember, 2008 to get Presidency! That is the most important step for American people for Decision 2008!

I am really happy to know everyday coming up events and following this biggest event for my 8th year of US staying.

I hope Sen. Clinton is going to win West Vergina, Kentucky, Oregon and Puerto Rico Big percentages. So maybe Sen. Obama could think about Sen. Clinton is important person for Democrat Party. Also, Superdelegates Will decide some point to have a great opportunity for them!

Anyway, I am glad to have this event to get into now. Hopefully, I will hear much better result coming up before this month over!

Sen. Hillary Clinton. I love her so much and hope She will
get nominated....

Sen. Barack Obama. I like him to be President
and He is looks very nice and new style person.

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