Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th, 2012

Today, it was a good day, but it is getting cold little by little now. I am kind of happy that I can feel like that. Well, that is ok with me! Oh yeah, I haven't post anything that what I use dishes and eating any days for long time. Here is some of them. I made several time and take pictures, but I event didn't think that I want to take picture every time I made food. So I didn't upload pictures here this month. I am sure that I should posted and updated my blog. I should but I didn't... ahaha. Well well, I am going to post several pictures below this.

This was Tuna Tataki
Fire King Jadeite Jane Ray Dishes
 This was August 28th, 2012 when I came back and first time I made the dinner like this.
Fried salmon

Fire King Swirl Azurite dishes
 This was around September 5th or 6th of dinner. I am not sure when exactly, but it was a good dinner I had.
Fried Chicken, Fried vegetable, Hot and Sour Soup
with Fire King Turquoise Blue Dishes

Rice, Miso Soup, Fried Vegetable, Salad
Fire King Jadeite

Fire King Jadeite (Jane Ray), Swirl Ivory dishes

Rice, fried vegetable, Chicken stewing, miso soup
I hope everyone enjoy the dinner and lunch everyday you eat!

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