Monday, September 24, 2012

iOS 6 little bit update.

This is little bit late to update for iOS6 about Map app. I was trying to figure out that how I can look at several places where I have been or want to go sometime in the future. Well, I kind of forgot to put on this blog after I did. So now I am going to update for Map app for iPhone 4S. I didn't need to buy iPhone 5 for this one. Well, I think iOS6 has not too much differences between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 seems like.
(ここにiOS6のアップデートを遅いのですが載せようと思います。今回注目したのはMap appです。iPhoneからGoogle MapがなくなりApple独自のMap appに変わりました。マップアプリに自分の行ったところや行きたいところを写真に撮っていたのですが、ここに載せることをすっかり忘れていました。なのでiPhone 4Sで撮ったマップアプリの写真です。iPhone 4SとiPhone 5に関してはあまりiOS6で代わりがないこともあるのですが、これからいろいろとわかってくるのではと思います。基本変わりません。)

Sydney, Austraria

New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Seattle, Washington, USA

Los Angeles, California USA

Chicago, Illinois USA

New York City, New York USA
I think all of them are so nice view with 3D, but sometime, I just don't mind that I don't have to have these... ahaha Well, it is really nice view anyway.

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