Tuesday, September 18, 2012

July to September Japanese TV songs List.

I usually get information for songs in Japan from TV drama, and TV dramas change every three to four months in Japan. Then I can find new songs information. I usually like that what I can find and what I like to listen songs.

This time, I wanted to list here for July to September Japan TV drama songs. It's really a good new songs I can listen and maybe people would like to hear these songs outside Japan.

Here is the list of them

Naniwa Syonen Tanteidan (浪花少年探偵団)
Song Title : 「Tomorrow again」 Yuzu  (ゆず 「また明日」)

Rich Man, Poor Woman (リッチマン、プアウーマン)
Son Title: 「To the Light」 miwa  (miwa 「ヒカリヘ」)

Can't breath in Summer (息も出来ない夏)
Song Title: 「firefly」 BUMP OF CHICKEN

Song Title: 「24karats TRIBE OF GOLD」 EXILE TRIBE

Tokkan ~Special national tax collection officer~ (トッカン~特別国税徴収官~)
Song Title: 「hypnosis」 Mr.Chldren

Investigation Left Behind (遺留捜査)
Song Title: 「Tell me what is LOVE」 Yamashita Tatsuro (山下達郎「愛を教えて」)

VISION ~Woman Can See the Murder~ (VISION ~殺しが見える女~)

Black Woman Teacher (黒の女教師)
Song Title: 「THE OVER」 UVERworld

Ghost Mother Detective Line ~Me and Mother's Wonder 100 days~
(ゴーストママ捜査線 僕とママの不思議な100日)
Song Title: 「Tsubomi」 Aqua Timez (「つぼみ」 Aqua Timez)

Butiful Rain (ビューティフルレイン)
Song Title: 「Ame ni Negaiwo」 Mana Ashida (芦田愛菜 「雨に願いを」)

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