Friday, December 28, 2012


I was not much to cook today when I was kind of tired at night, I decided to make Sukiyaki. that cook is not required many things... Just cut vegetables and some meat.... so I was lazy to cook that time it is a best thing to make. I think. I like to have some kind of thing like that several times when I was to eat quickly and so on. Well, I just didn't have anything to make anyway. However, all total cost was around $5.00 so it was cheap meal to eat too! ahaha. I was lazy but I was thinking that how much would cost. How silly is that???? lol  I am sure I will make Sukiyaki on December 31st when I go to my friend's house. So it is a good practice to do it. :-P Actually, turned out Sukiyaki was a good meal to eat after all. 

here is the picture of Sukiyaki
during cooking Sukiyaki

Almost done.

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