Friday, September 13, 2013

Japanese Table Talk!

Today, we had a good event which is Japanese Table Talk, and this month was sooner to start Fall Season, and changing summer to fall now. We usually bring one or two dishes to bring, and so on. Also, we have several topics to talk over hours, and having fun time together. Children made bird house decoration, and that was so great all of them. I took one picture for that one. After all, I was trying to help main sponsor to talk topics and some activities. It was a great time people to have conversation and learn some new different knowledge from others. Well, it is a good time to have all of them.

Here is the picture I took
bird house decorations!
Looks so great! 

Also, I got birthday card from table talk. The Birthday is everyone has in one year, but for every month, we actually have someone's birthday. Since we are going to meet everyone once a month, why not to celebrate their birthday with everyone who come to Table Talk. So we started to have Birthday celebration every time we met. It was started around 3 to 4 years ago, and this is getting one of tradition for our Table Talk now. Hopefully, that will be continue and will be stay long like this.

here is birthday card picture.
My Birthday Card!
Hopefully, all people have a great weekend!

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