Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fire King lunch and dinner

I haven't posted much since middle of October again, but I was kind of busy doing some stuff related to University study and work so on... Well, it is really hard time for me to focus many things... so I decided to not write here until little bit over. So today, actually I have some free time which I just woke up middle of night and start writing this.  Oh yeah, I just want to talk about my lunch and dinner what I have been eating since last time.

Well, first thing is my lunch, I have been making several meals for lunch and using Fire King dishes. However, I have not much different dishes to use, but I made several different things... I will post different pictures below this.

here is the pictures
Menu: rice, chicken Saute, and Miso Soup
Fire King Ivory Dishes

Menu: Curry Rice and Miso Soup
Fire King Jadeite Dishes

Menu: Fired Vegetable, Rice, Miso Soup, and Green Tea
Fire King Azurite Swirl Dishes
 Now, I am going to talk about my dinner which is usually main thing, and I usually talk about it. I made several meals over 2 weeks since last time I update from this blog. I don't think I will be able to post all of them, but I will try to post several of them as I can. I use different fire king dishes and trying to make it looks better with cheaper meal! However using Fire King, it makes cheap meal looks like expensive and good dinner as well. I feel like that "luxurious feel" sometime when I use Fire King dishes, and Fire King dishes makes me to make more meal than I can eat sometime.

here is the pictures
Menu: Rice and Tuna Tataki

Menu: Rice, Miso Soup, Fired Vegetable, and salad
Fire King Turquoise Blue and Jadeite Jane and Pyrex mug

Menu: Pork Kimuchi rice, and pork saute
Fire King Azurite swirl and Turquoise Blue

Menu: Spicy Spaghetti with ground beef
Fire King Azurite Swirl

Menu:Spicy Spaghetti with minced meat and my friend gave me snack!
Fire King Ivory Swirl and mug


Menu: Rice, Miso Soup, deviled egg, and Fired pork with vegetables
Fire King Azurite Swil

after served in dishes

Menu: Tomato source spaghetti, fired pork vegetable, miso soup, and salad
Fire King Azurite Swirl Dishes
 It is many pictures to post here and I think I will try to post everyday when I take picture and try to write down several things at once a day! so I don't have to go through and make a lot of thing going on at once! Well, it is fun to write down something like this.

I hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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