Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's already in October, and I was kind of thinking that where the September goes away?
Well, if I look around outside from my apartment view it is still green and looks like still summer, but when I look at temperature on my iPhone 4S and Galaxy SIII, those said that around low 20's Celsius (around 65~70's Faheliheit). I haven't feel like that though.  Oh yeah, I have some relaxing time which I really needed... so I was cooking some time to know whatever I can. I am watching some videos and some reading, but I need to make myself better now. ahaha

Here is some pictures
my dinner table

Taco Rice before put beef!


Fried Beef Vegetable

my dinner... I couldn't eat that much! lol
I use Fire King Turquoise Blue dishes, and I was going to use all of what I have.... Well, it is a nice dinner I had.

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