Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What the HELL is Going on in Here!

I am not familiar in English Writing a lot. That is true, it is very important things to I need to work on this semester. However, my English writing teach is not helping me to improve skill in English. Writing English is not too difficult to correct from Americans. However, that teacher did not help me to imporve and told me to drop the course. That is so stupid, and I wish I did not take her class for this semester. Because that makes me to so much angry and dissappointed to her. She could send to me sugesstion e-mail or what I need to improve for my writing in English so far what I've done with in class or assignment for that. However, once I told this, she did not do that yet. Anything of my grading my paper work, she did not sugesst what I need to do more.... Also, she is disorganized her in class lecture, too... That is very bad things to have someone pay for tuition for that English class.

I'm not going to drop class, but I want to talk English Department Chairperson to face-to-face. I did not care about what I need to tell him about in lecture, but I told him true story and she is going to have a problem with me like this that not make sence to anyone who is taking this class. I just want to he knows what she is doing in class, and if this is English 1200 for Second level of University Writing course at my university, she may do better job than what she is doing right now.

I am not angry anymore, but I want to have a good way of solution for this problem. I am not good at writing in English that I know sure. Because I am not native English user, I am Japanese and Japanese is my native language. American people who are not familiar with International Writing, they will think our writing in English is not that good. However, we need to work on that what we need to write for papers and using some preposition in writing papers... . That is not hard to she tell me what I need to out or what I missed for my writing papers. I am not a lot of time argume with my teaher about what I am missed or what I am not corrected to write in papers.

So let me know what I need to do... I was thinking that way, however, she told me to "If you cannot make time to go to the Studio and if you are going to miss so much class, then maybe you should drop the course"


I am so much better now after I talk to Chairperson. He was nice, but he can not to do anything by himself for what solution is good for me to have. However, he promiss me about he will talk to English class Chairperson. That is better than nothing.

Hopefully, I will have a better solution and getting well....

I am going to take a nap and study for my exam on Thursday...

Also, I will work on my outline paper for Human Genetics class. This assignment due to Friday! Oh my my.... Hopefully, I will finish on Thursday night and turn into my professor about that on time!\(@_@)/

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