Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Now, I am set for all my things going on. I am so happy to be going on to trip. Well, I found out that my flight would be like this.

Raleigh, NC 5:45pm to Cleveland, OH 7:22pm
Cleveland, OH 8:50pm to Los Angeles, CA 10:44pm
Los Angles, CA 1:10am to Haneda (Tokyo), Japan 5am +1 day
Haneda, Tokyo 8:10am to Kumamoto 10am.

That is a great deal of flight schedule for me ever I had. Also, this is never happen before so I am so happy to flight back from NC to Japan now.
I never had like this before. Usually, I go back to Japan like really early morning and go back home around 12am next day or two days from what I started....

and here is coming back to USA.

August 22nd Kumamoto 8:40pm to Haneda, Tokyo 10:20pm
August 23rd Haneda, Tokyo Japan 0:05am to August 22nd LosAngles 6:15pm.
August 23rd Los Angles 0:30am to Huston, TX 5:39am
August 23rd Huston, TX 7:15am to Raleigh, NC 11:04am.
Then going back to Greenville, NC from RDU, so should be here at 1pm or so.

Hopefully, everything will be going through a great!

Well, it seems like I will have a great trip plan now! YAY!

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Hope everyone will have a great summer and if you travel, you will have a wonderful days!

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